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A note from the owner:


Adjective - (of an animal) living in the natural environment; not domesticated.


That’s the best word I have come up with yet.

Deathkart is my creation; a car where every experience is exotic and rare. 

A V8, 6 speed, rear wheel drive, go-kart, built on the principles of being unique with few limitations. 

“Stock” isn’t a word that I feel comfortable with; I like to modify everything.

I come from the rock crawler world so this was a natural evolution. It started life as a 95 Camaro, which allowed all suspension and drive-train to remain stock, but also allows me to keep it registered/insured and “street legal”. 

Not having a body created a lot of complexities like how to tie uni-body features into a cage structure without making it look -- too -- bad. The advantages are that it gave me a blank slate for a rear mounted radiator, custom head/tail

lights, and nearly unlimited tire/track widths. 


The car has been lowered several inches and sits on slightly higher-rate springs.

Despite shifting weight to the rear and 345’s out back, it’s still quite tail happy.

It’s easy to drive, but unforgiving if you aren’t ready.  


The most fun aspect of Deathkart is just how intrigued people are. 

Whether cruising down the road, or sitting still at a car show... there is always someone wanting to know more.

A twisted cage of carbon and iron, created from harvested souls of lesser vehicles - it knows no equal.


A craving for mortality...



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